Product FAQ

  • Are there side effects of taking CarbonShield C60 in Olive Oil?

    No negative side effects of C60 have been documented. However, C60 does interact with each person differently, so you may want to adjust your dosage based on your experience. If you took one of our CarbonShield60 antioxidant oils and then felt ill, you may be experiencing a "healing crisis" If ...
  • Avocado C60

    Even though our avocado oil is a raw oil, it does not need to be refrigerated. Avocado oil (in an oil form) is stable. Keep the oil at a consistent temperature, and out of direct sunlight. We suggest a dark cupboard for perfect storing conditions
  • Can CarbonShield C60 Extend Lifespan?

    Conclusions of the Famous C60 Baati Study Through this study, the researchers discovered the C60 has an extremely positive effect on the lifespan of rats. In fact, the discovery was pretty extraordinary: “Our results show that while olive oil treatment can lead to an increase of 18% of lifespan...
  • Can I take more than the recommended dose of CarbonShield60

    Yes, many of our clients tell us they are taking more, sometimes significantly more, than 3ml per day. Some close friends of ours take as much as 15ml twice per day. For some, the issue is the quantity of oil. Please take what works with your body.
  • Can TimeStop really prevent or reverse Wrinkles?

    According to this study, Carbon60 Fullerenes (Our CarbonShield60 product - a key ingredient in our revolutionary TimeStop formula) were able to actually reverse wrinkles noticeably!   This Revolutionary Facial Cream has been carefully formulated using the leading and award-winning nature cosmet...
  • Coconut C60

    There's no need to refrigerate coconut oil. It'll last a long time—up to two years—in your pantry. Just keep the lid on tight. Depending on how warm it gets where you live, your oil might go from solid to liquid in the jar. Coconut oil has a relatively low melting point—about 76°F, so it will al...
  • Coconut (MCT) / Olive 60/40 Blend

    This product comes in a dropper and stays liquid at all times due to a mix of olive and MCT coconut.  It's recommended that our C60 MCT oil be kept in a cool, dark place to keep it fresh and make it last as long as possible.
  • Do I need to take C60 with food?

    Only if you dislike eating raw Olive (Or your preferred CarbonShield C60 Variety oils) oils by spoonfuls on an empty stomach. However, no evidence shows that taking with food will reduce or enhance benefits.
  • Do you use C60 in animal eyes?

    I do not recommend this, never heard of anyone doing it. I give my pets oral c60 of 1 drop per day.
  • Hempseed C60

    It is best to keep them refrigerated. However, they will store up to a year at room temperature. The nutritional content will be higher if they are kept refrigerated.
  • How do I store my CarbonShield C60?

    We recommend storing it just like you would any other oil. Ideally in a dark, cool space. We don’t recommend putting it in the fridge since it tends to clump. If it does clump due to cold weather in transit, just leave it out at room temperature and the oil will return to its normal state. Some o...
  • How do I use the 1100ppm Concentrated Colloidal Silver

    Our colloidal silver is concentrated - enough to give around 6 GALLONS of colloidal silver at the more typical strength of 5-10 ppm. It won’t hurt you to take it directly at full strength - but it’s a waste of money! Most people use 10ppm strength for everything. We can’t give medical advice, bu...
  • How much CarbonShield C60 should I take? 

    We typically suggest starting small with portion of 1/2 tsp. The best feedback we've heard is 5ml/day - most are taking between 1-2 tsp or vials each day. Many of our clients tell us they are taking more, sometimes significantly more, than 5ml per day. Some people in our office take as much as ...
  • Is C60 in Olive Oil an antioxidant? 

    C60 appears to be the most powerful antioxidant known to mankind. Nearly 200x more powerful than Vitamin C.
  • Is C60 in Olive Oil safe for human consumption (edible)?

    We use 99.95% C60 solvent free/ Vacuum oven dried product in our CarbonShield Oils. There’s an article available (The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60]fullerene – ScienceDirect) that suggest Carbon 60 (c60 or buckyballs) dissolved in extra virgin olive o...
  • Should I use CarbonShield60 internally or externally on my skin?

    All of our products are oil based and there is no harm if you decided to apply topically. Make sure to not use C60 solution as an eye drop. Take ½ tsp per day if use is orally.
  • The Science: How CarbonShield60 Works

    How it Works CarbonShield60, or Buckminsterfullerenes, have many amazing biologically enhancing properties. C60 has a slight positive +2 charge that attracts negatively charged oxidative free-radicals and neutralizes them. Each C60 molecule absorbed through the skin or internally for research p...
  • What about the taste of C60?

    Some people love the taste of Olive Oil. Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil will leave a peppery aftertaste at the back of your throat and a small number of people do not like this taste/experience. The good thing is, if you eat or drink anything, the taste goes away immediately. Additionally, if you...
  • When should I take CarbonShield60?

    Our customers report the best results when taken in the morning. Our recommendation is to take C60 in Olive Oil as part of your breakfast routine.
  • Where are the scientific studies about C60?

    Here you go:
  • Where does CarbonShield60 come from?

    Carbon in nature is found in three forms called allotropes: diamond, graphite, and fullerenes. CarbonShield60 is made of fullerenes, CarbonShield60 or fullerenes molecules are hollow spheres called bucky balls.
  • Will Colloidal Silver Turn me Blue? Is it Dangerous?

    NO: This is a risk if you consume gallons of IONIC silver. That is a separate and similar product to TRUE COLLOIDAL (NANO) SILVER which is our product. The only difference is how big the particles are, but IONIC are too big for your system to excrete and you can build up silver deposits in your ...
  •  What makes CarbonShield60 THE Best Fullerenes Available?

    Since we began (in the very early phases of the 'C60 Craze' that we are now going through) as one of the first suppliers (under the brand name Apex Health at the time) to educate the public about C60 oils we have seen MANY new companies pop up and advertise everything from fake C60, Activated Cha...