What makes CarbonShield60 THE Best Fullerenes Available?

  1. Since we began (in the very early phases of the 'C60 Craze' that we are now going through) as one of the first suppliers (under the brand name Apex Health at the time) to educate the public about C60 oils we have seen MANY new companies pop up and advertise everything from fake C60, Activated Charcoal being C60 (it isn't), C60 with solvents still in (common, often just from ignorance - DANGEROUS! Just Look up Toluene Toxicity!), and complete lies meant to capitalize on the boom behind this industry. There are also quality providers out there.

1a. We've been at the forefront of holding companies accountable - both exposing fakes and advocating for a voluntary industry self-regulation process to protect consumers.

1b. We have GMP on our label, others are selling home-brews. Consume at your risk.

1c. Reputation matters - ours is Stellar.

1d. We began by giving away the information and teaching people how to make their own holistic home remedies - that grew into the business we have today. Which is focused on helping people. That will remain our passion and priority. We understand that helping others is the only sustainable way to help ourselves and we believe in developing a lasting win win relationship with our own customers in the RedPill Living Family.

  1. We can't give medical advice or speak to pre-existing conditions, but C60 is often used topically and people report some pretty incredible things. Everyone is different and results can vary.
  2. The idea that 'they buy it in bulk' makes sense, except that we are below cost of the world's top producer of c60, SESlabs - if it were so cheap to buy in bulk, the people making the bulk of it wouldn't need to charge so much. Be careful buying Deep Discount carbon60. We’ve seen some very elaborate scam sites setup.

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