Are there side effects of taking CarbonShield C60 in Olive Oil?

No negative side effects of C60 have been documented. However, C60 does interact with each person differently, so you may want to adjust your dosage based on your experience.

If you took one of our CarbonShield60 antioxidant oils and then felt ill, you may be experiencing a "healing crisis"

If so, Slow Down, It may seem weird - but initially feeling bad is a good thing. When you eliminate inflammatory, processed foods and stop feeding your body chemicals and junk, your body goes through withdrawal just like with drugs or alcohol. It is good because it means you are on your way to cleaning your body! Powerful Antioxidants like CarbonShield60 can also trigger this effect by kickstarting your bodies detox processes.

This process is worth it because it ultimately leads to healing and feeling better than ever.  The good news is that it only lasts a few days and it can be minimized with a few simple strategies.

Increase Water
Slow or Pause your detox.
Support your bodies detox processes

Study the Healing Crisis, or "Herxheimer" reaction

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