Can CarbonShield C60 Extend Lifespan?

Conclusions of the Famous C60 Baati Study

Through this study, the researchers discovered the C60 has an extremely positive effect on the lifespan of rats. In fact, the discovery was pretty extraordinary:

“Our results show that while olive oil treatment can lead to an increase of 18% of lifespan of treated rats, C60-olive oil can increase it up to 90%, as compared to controls. The effects of olive-oil on health and ageing are well known, and its effect as a function of dose has been thoroughly discussed. But, what is noteworthy is that at M38 all C60-treated rats were still alive. Thus, based on previous investigations, *C60should be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan.”***

C60, as the researchers found out, is a very powerful antioxidant. It is very well armed to fight against the negative effects of free radicals. Even more interesting is the fact that during this study, the C60 dosing protected the liver.

“Pathological examinations show that even at very low doses, 500 times lower than that used previously, C60-olive oil solutions effectively protects the livers against CCl4 toxicity. These results are in agreement with those reported for very low doses of water solution of hydrated C60fullerene in other experimental models.”

They were able to confirm, through this study, that C60 is a “powerful liver-protective agent” that operates under a “free radical scavenging mechanism.”

The researchers consider this study to “open the road towards the development of the considerable potential of C60 in the biomedical field, including cancer therapy, neurodegenerative disorders and ageing.”

Read over the original study by clicking here.

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