The Science: How CarbonShield60 Works

How it Works

CarbonShield60, or Buckminsterfullerenes, have many amazing biologically enhancing properties. C60 has a slight positive +2 charge that attracts negatively charged oxidative free-radicals and neutralizes them.

Each C60 molecule absorbed through the skin or internally for research purposes only, can help neutralize large numbers oxidizing free-radicals every second.

This occurs without the C60 molecule being changed or losing reductive potency. RedPill Living CarbonShield60 rapidly resets and keeps on working. When the cells of the body are relieved of an existing free-radical oxidative burden, they can once again function at natural peak efficiency.

Increasing energy, performance and virility.

The Science

Scientific studies on animals found C60 increased rodent lifespans by between 35% to 100%.

Learning speed and memory were increased significantly. 2 Age related cognitive decline and tumors were completely prevented.

Potential negative effects of environmental toxins and radiation were eliminated.

Test animals on C60 lived long, vigorous and healthful lives. CarbonShield60 does not exhibit toxicity at even absurdly high doses and is very safe.

Telomere length is directly related to lifespan. Telomeres wrap the ends of the chromosomes and keep them stable. Oxidative stress has been found through scientific research to be a significant cause of telomere shortening, the main cause of aging. C60 reduces oxidative radicals. A reduction in oxidative radicals may be responsible for the significantly increased lifespans and vigor found in these peer reviewed scientific studies.

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