What about the taste of C60?

Some people love the taste of Olive Oil. Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil will leave a peppery aftertaste at the back of your throat and a small number of people do not like this taste/experience. The good thing is, if you eat or drink anything, the taste goes away immediately. Additionally, if you do not like the taste you can take the product with bread or on salads, or just get creative.

Coconut C60 taste just like coconut oil with a tiny hint of C60 smell. Same goes to Avocado C60 and Hempseed C60.

Our MCT coconut 60% plus Olive 40% C60 solution tastes more like mild olive C60 without that spiciness. We use the same quality brand of olive oil we used for other product (California Olive Ranch - an award winning oil in an industry of scammers). The taste is mild due to a mixture of two different kinds of oil. We highly recommend MCT product to customer who do not enjoy coconut taste but also dislike spiciness in quality olive oil.

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