How do I use the 1100ppm Concentrated Colloidal Silver

Our colloidal silver is concentrated - enough to give around 6 GALLONS of colloidal silver at the more typical strength of 5-10 ppm. It won’t hurt you to take it directly at full strength - but it’s a waste of money! Most people use 10ppm strength for everything.

We can’t give medical advice, but those applications typically include: purifying water, boosting immune system, washing cuts, giving to pets, or even vaporizing into the lungs with a nebulizer.

1 oz of our concentrate makes 1 gallons

Beyond that, you can mix 1 drop or 1 spoon into your glass to drink - or take it straight and gargle first before swallowing. There's no "right" way as its a very flexible item

Our particle size is between 0.005-0.065 microns

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