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RedPill Living Script for Affiliates:

"Detox the Deep State with RedPill

High Impact Liposomal Vitamins, CarbonShield60 Longevity & Antioxidant supplements, Gourmet Coffee, and Rave-Reviews Revolutionary holistic skincare line: TimeStop.

Detox the Deep State!

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Got sleep issues?  Lemme guess... All natural sleep aids don't work for you?  They only have 1 or 2 ingredients to help you sleep... What good is that?  Try the Brand New Sleepy Joe Sleep Aid.  With 18 POWERFUL, sleep inducing ingredients, Sleepy Joe is guaranteed to put you out like Sleepy Joe in his mama's basement.  The label says, "Take 2," ... I only take one... 30 minutes before you plan to sleep.  And dagnabbit... I'm out like a light for about 8 hours...

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